Виговський леонід антонович релігія як суспільно-функціонуючий феномен

Vygovskiy L.A. Religion as Socially Functioning Phenomenon. –

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Vygovskiy L.A. Religion as Socially Functioning Phenomenon. – Manuscript.

The dissertation on obtaining the scientific degree of the Doctor of Philosophy on specialty 09.00.11 – science of religion. – The H.S. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Ukraine. Kyiv, 2005.

The dissertation is devoted to the analyses of religion as socially functioning phenomenon. The essence of subjects and objects of public functioning of religious complex has been revealed. It has been proved that the religion in the conditions of duality of existence of a human being comes out as world outlook basis of assertion of its public being.

The system of functionality of religion, its main structural constituents and levels of public manifestation, their correlation and functioning in life of socium as specific forms of realization of public essence of religion have been grounded.

The correlation and specific features of the functioning of main structural elements of religious complex in the life of society and personality as well as the role of religious institutions and organizations as the main form of realization of public functionality of religion has been revealed. The reasons of “making it secular” of the functioning of religious institutions and organizations in modern conditions have been revealed.

The reasons and essence of the process of evolution of the content and forms of functionality of religion in the process of sociogenesis have been analyzed. The role of sacralization, secularization and social post-modern that appears as factors of transformation of forms and content of the functioning of the religious complex in a historical aspect have been revealed.

Key words: socially functioning phenomenon, functionality of religion, the functioning of religious complex, social functions of religion, syncretism, sacralization, secularization, postmodern.

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