Рофесійної готовності майбутніх учителів до розвитку математичних здібностей у старшокласників

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Ключевые слова: готовность, профессионально-педагогическая готовность, будущие учителя, математические способности, старшеклассники, деятельность, система, модель.
Semenets LM. Formation of professional commitment future teachers to the development of mathematical abilities in senior pupils. – Manuscript.

Dissertation for the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences, specialty 13.00.04 – Theory and Methods of Рrofessional Education. – Zhytomyr State University named after Ivan Franko. – Zhytomyr, 2013.

The theoretical analysis of a problem of professional and pedagogical readiness is carried out in this dissertation. It is contents and structure the theoretical and methodological basis of the formation of readiness of future teachers for development of mathematical abilities, of senior pupils was disclosed. By the result of the system analysis the contents and structure of mathematical abilities are established; the bases of psychological and pedagogical development to seniors are proved. Conceptual model of formation of professional readiness of future teachers to development of mathematical abilities in seniors pupils is theoretically proved, developed and experimentally checked. The model of research is presented as the system comprising compound to isomorphic subsystems "teacher-student" and "teacher-pupil". It displaces pedagogical conditions of their functioning and it opens target, semantic and procedural components of training during vocational training course of professional and pedagogical activity. It is proved that the developed technology of developing abilities, intensifies training of elementary mathematics, and provides formation of professional and pedagogical readiness for development of mathematical abilities in seniors.

Key words: readiness, professional pedagogical readiness, future teachers, mathematical abilities, senior pupils, activities, system, model.

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