Коломоєць Т. Г. Розвиток творчості дітей дошкільного віку на заняттях з художньої праці


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The article is devoted to the actual question, which consists in the formation of understanding of the importance of developing creative abilities in preschool children at the classes on art work. The aim of the article is to explore the peculiarities of the development of preschool children’s creative abilities by means of art work. The methods of analysis, generalization, systematization, logic and deduction are used to achieve the goal.

The multidimensional concept of "creativity" is considered. Some scientists consider creativity as a necessary condition for the existence of the person, as a practice, the result of which is the new, original, unique values created by the child. Thus, the creativity of children - is just the result of the activity, combined with the influence of teaching adults.

The development of creative abilities of the preschool age child promotes active, harmonious development of personality. Scientists distinguish the chain of creative abilities, the main ones include such as: ability to perceive reality of the whole, to see the problem, to find new, innovative ways to solve it, the ease of generating ideas, flexibility of thinking and developed imagination.

As a result of the analysis of the scientific work, it can be stated that this problem is multidimensional. Creativity is considered as a sphere of personality, its creative abilities, the nature of their appearance and peculiarities of their manifestation, an activity and its results, character. We consider the child's ability to creativity as an integrated quality of individual qualities of the personal, the model of formation of which is presented in the article.

Important aspects of development of preschool children’s creative abilities in the process of art work classes are considered and singled out as a productive art and constructive activity. The basic principles of development of the children’s creative abilities during art work are formed. These include: the principles of complexity, hierarchy, individuality, cognition, interactivity, originality, independence.

The practical significance of the obtained results is in compliance of the principles of the creative abilities’ development, which have been formed in the article, by the educators of pre-school educational institutions. The prospect of the further research is in the formation of interaction mechanism between the educator of a preschool educational institution with a pupil on the basis of interactive psychological and pedagogical methods and means of training.
Keywords: creative abilities, art work, classes, creativity|, preschool education.

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