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Педагогічні науки: теорія, історія, інноваційні технології, 2015, № 3 (47)
прогностическая, ценностная, организационно-управленческая, рефлексивная), а
также сформулировано ключевое понятия проблемы.
взаимодействия, воспитание, поведение, ученики начальных классов.
Kolyshkina A.
The Theoretical Aspects of the Interaction between the School and the
Family in the Upbringing of Students.
This article summarizes the various attempts of the scientists to determine the feature
interaction as a social mechanism. The analysis of the nature and structure of the concept of
«interaction» during which it is important to turn to the consideration of the categories
«educational cooperation» and «synergy» is given. It is shown that the interaction is an
independent category of pedagogy which is different from «joint activity» and the problem of
interaction between educational institutions is more multifaceted than the educational
aspect of union forces in joint activity.
School and family should work so that the children always felt unity as different and
sometimes conflicting demands of adults, leading to uncertainty about the child. The concept
of the unity of education, psychological and pedagogical aspects is analyzed. Psychological
clarifications provide real opportunities and a full understanding of all teachers’ educational
objectives. The teaching aspect aims to create educational situation in school and in the
family that puts students to the need to behave according to the rules of conduct.
Undoubtedly, the educational objectives should not contradict each other. The basis of
interaction between school and family on the principle of «impact on the family because of
the child» is presented. The centre of attention is teaching a child who thus becomes a kind of
tutor own parents, though not always aware of it. The child is a link between school and
family, a consolidating centre, the main figure of collective pedagogical work, which is built
around a holistic educational process.
The grounded structural components in the system of interaction between school and
family, the functions specified interaction of school and family formation about
environmentally sound behaviour of primary school pupils (diagnostic, prognostic, values,
and organizational management, reflexive) and the definition of key concepts problems are
The scientists and practicing teachers for the most part unanimous that the
interaction of school and family is an important process that has a sufficient opportunity to
provide a family psychological and educational assistance to the education of children,
primarily due to increased pedagogical culture of the parents.
Key words
: an interaction, a pedagogical interaction, a methodical interaction, joint
activity, an interaction function, education, behaviour, primary school pupils.

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