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Key words: defects of crystalline grate, distribution, conductivity of polikristaliv, limit of grains, specific resistance.

13. . Lazarenko Andrew, Mironenko Andrew. Quantum object in the potential well of finite depth.

Analytical model of coupled quantum states in an infinitely deep potential well and limited potential well depth are formulated and solved.

Key words: potential pit bound state, the quantum particle wave function.

14. Sivashenko Sergey. Model of forming of students culture labor at practical lessons in educational workshops.

In the article the model of forming of labor culture for future teachers of technologies at practical lessons in educational workshops is examined student’s.

Key words: forming of culture labor, model.

15. Shkola Olexandr, Doneva Elena. Experimental determination of permanent Boltzmann.

In the article the questions of organization and method of leadthrough of educational physical experiment on determination of one of fundamental constants of modern science, which will be instrumental in the increase of cognitive interest, level and quality of knowledges of students are examined.

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